About us

MXMM sp. z o.o. is an architectural office founded in 2011. The company’s founders are: Krystyna Hodlevska and Mariusz Emil Mieszkalski – professionally active since 2005.

The company MXMM sp. z o.o. has been actively operating on the market since the beginning of 2014. We are a team of creative architects, having extensive professional experience, who realise housing projects (single- and multi-family housing), commercial, public utility and interior design projects, both for individual and commercial customers.

We focus on quality and professionalism, therefore – in order to deliver top quality of services with special attention to the interests of our clients, we cooperate with experienced and renowned companies within the branch, as well as with our partners from other architectural studios. Such an approach gives us the ability to form the project team, matching the scale of investments and individual needs of our customers in order to finally provide a product which is both technically and architecturally attractive.

Bearing in mind the complexity of the entire investment process, from the preliminary analysis of the area’s development capacity right up to final putting the development into service, we carefully and thoroughly monitor the formal and legal status of the given property. We specialize in analyses of the area’s development capacity and estimating the risks associated with planning future investments.

We offer full architectural services, including:

  • comprehensive performance of multidisciplinary architectural designs for: residential, commercial and utility development
  • design of passive buildings and buildings with renewable energy systems
  • analyses of the area’s development capacity for the property intended for residential and commercial development
  • obtaining land development conditions decision
  • developing projects on change of intended use, including projects of adaptation for other purposes
  • Formal-legal services in the scope of development investments (full legal and development services)
  • Investor’s supervision



arch. Krystyna Hodlevska
arch. Mariusz Mieszkalski
arch. Irena Wojciechowska
arch. Monika Rybus
arch. Karol Pliżga


He gained professional experience at the Grupa5 Architekci sp. z o.o, an architectural office, where he has been working for many years as
Senior Architect. He has led and managed many projects, e.g:

  • multi-family residential buildings in the former Piast Brewery in Wroclaw
    investor: ALTONA Investments sp. z o.o.
  • hotel buildings at ul. Ledóchowska in Warsaw
    investor POLNORD s.a
  • multi-family residential buildings at ul. Strzelców in Warsaw
    investor: ROBYG s.a
  • adaptation of the „Stara Kotłownia” building into the Academic Business Incubator in Olsztyn
    investor: University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
  • The orthopedic hospital in Jabłonna
    investor: NZOZ Osteon
  • extension and refurbishment of the “Lichton’s Pharmacy” townhouse in Kazimierz Dolny
    investor: private
  • single-family residential building
    investor: private
  • single-family residential building in Czarnowo (Konstancin -Jeziorna)
    investor: private


She gained professional experience while working for many years at ARE Stiasny/Wacławek sp. z o.o., a renowned and recognized architectural studio in Warsaw, where she successfully led competitive projects as well as projects which have been realised later on, e.g.:

  • multi-family residential building with commercial spaces at ground level at ul. Kasprowicza 68 in Warsaw
    investor: Lubasa polska sp. z o.o.
  • Airport Lublin-Świdnik
    investor Airport Lublin s.a
  • multi-family residential buildings „Małe Naramowice” in Poznań
    investor Echo Investment
  • multi-family residential scheme with commercial spaces at the premises of Koneser Vodka Distillery in Warsaw
    investor BBI
  • Office and commercial building in Puławy
    investor: private
  • multi-family residential buildings in Tomaszów Mazowiecki
    investor: private